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Case Studies

Assured 99.37% Accuracy for a Huge Transformation Project

Leading Communication Service Provider with multiple product lines spanning across mobile, broadband, Cable TV with huge customer base intended to remodel the existing products and[…]

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Reduced End-to-End Billing Window by 60%

A key market driver for communication service providers (CSPs) is post-paid billing accuracy. To ensure billing accuracy, Most CSPs have processes and teams to perform[…]

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Reduced OPEX by more than 45%

A leading telecom operator in APAC region was incurring very high operational cost for running day-to-day operations. The client is one of the country’s leading[…]

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60 Functionally Complex Product Launches in a Quarter for a Telco

A Leading Telco with multiple product lines spanning across mobile, broadband, Cable TV needed to improve time-to-launch its new product offerings so as to offer[…]

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Warehouse Management

Netvinyas Software Warehouse Management System provides configurable Supply Chain processes required by companies to provide better customer service and control operational costs.

Highly advanced logic based stock put away, collection and intelligent direct stock movement features in Netvinyas Software helps dramatically control labor costs and space utilization. The solution based on its Service Oriented Architecture offers full integration to sales, purchasing, logistics and other 3rd party systems. This helps companies meet customer expectations on how they want their orders sourced, packaged and shipped. Such features make Netvinyas Software the preferred solution for warehouse automation and achieve faster ROI.

At the highest levels, improvement areas where Netvinyas Software Warehouse Management Application shows fast ROI can be summarized as follows:

  • Efficient Forecasting Algorithms ensure Optimal Inventory Positions resulting in Direct Cost Savings.
  • Barcode, RFID and Voice Picking enabled processes for efficient & accurate material movement.
  • Improved Utilization & Tracking of Man Hours through live monitoring dashboards.
  • Faster decisions improving the ROI of overall SCM Operations.
  • Empower the business through increased access to holistic, consistent enterprise information.
  • Improved business performance, increased profitability, streamlined operational efficiency and proactive management of regulatory compliance.
Key Features of Netvinyas Software WMS:

Flavors of Netvinyas Software WMS
Netvinyas Software 3PL

Netvinyas Software 3PL comes in two flavors, namely Netvinyas Software 3PL Standard - for regular 3PL operations and Netvinyas Software 3PL Enterprise - for large and complex 3PL operations.Netvinyas Software for company owned warehousing activity comes in two flavors, namely Netvinyas Software Standard - for regular warehousing operations and Netvinyas Software Enterprise - for large and complex warehousing operations.

Netvinyas Software cross dock

Netvinyas Software Cross Dock helps Auto OEM companies to meet their JIT Obligations. Auto OEMs maintains inventory at 3PL Warehouse Locations, which are close to the Car Manufacturing Plant. Per Unit Invoice from Plant is done, so that any combination of SKUs can be delivered from 3PL Warehouses.

Netvinyas Software partner portal

Netvinyas Software Partner Portal helps extend certain Netvinyas Software WMS functionality to Customers and Suppliers. Netvinyas Software Partner Portal can also be integrated with Customer or Supplier ERP System or any 3rd Party application.

Netvinyas Software Warehouse Control System

Netvinyas Software integrates with ASRS PLCs through its independent Netvinyas Software WCS - Warehouse Control System. The Netvinyas Software WCS acts as an interfacing bridge between the XML based web services protocol on Netvinyas Software and the typical binary protocol at the PLC end. Netvinyas Software provides elaborate functionality including Location Management, Location Suggestion for incoming pallets over conveyors, enforcing FIFO / FEFO allocation rules, routing dispatches to correct truck bays etc.

Netvinyas Software Barcode System

Netvinyas Software Barcode System integrates with any ERP like JDE, SAP etc. Netvinyas Software Barcode can be also extended to Suppliers for Barcode readiness at source.

Netvinyas Software Analytics

Netvinyas Software Analytics is powered by QlikView for warehouse location visualization and analytics. Netvinyas Software Analytics helps companies improve their bottom line by providing information Dashboards depicting their KPI and KPA. This gives both, the management and employees, reliable insights to be able to take fast data driven decisions.

Netvinyas Software Logistics Platform

Netvinyas Software Logistics Platform is a solid framework for Logistics solution development, extension and integration with other systems (ERP, AS/RS etc.)