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Case Studies

Assured 99.37% Accuracy for a Huge Transformation Project

Leading Communication Service Provider with multiple product lines spanning across mobile, broadband, Cable TV with huge customer base intended to remodel the existing products and[…]

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Reduced End-to-End Billing Window by 60%

A key market driver for communication service providers (CSPs) is post-paid billing accuracy. To ensure billing accuracy, Most CSPs have processes and teams to perform[…]

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Reduced OPEX by more than 45%

A leading telecom operator in APAC region was incurring very high operational cost for running day-to-day operations. The client is one of the country’s leading[…]

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60 Functionally Complex Product Launches in a Quarter for a Telco

A Leading Telco with multiple product lines spanning across mobile, broadband, Cable TV needed to improve time-to-launch its new product offerings so as to offer[…]

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Support Services

In an environment with change being the only constant, businesses rely on the continuity, robustness and flexibility of their IT systems to be able to perform their operations smoothly. As your business evolves, applications would need to respond to the changed market conditions. In such a scenario, Applications Support and Maintenance is an important step in extracting full value from your applications.

Testing Services

At Netvinyas Software, we offer the following Application Support and Maintenance services:

  • System support and maintenance.
  • Application Helpdesk.
  • System support and maintenance.

Comprehensive Support enable clients to cost-efficiently manage their complex application portfolios by:

  • Supporting your application landscape.
  • Providing SLA based efficient support processes.
  • Fixing malfunctioning features of your application portfolio.
  • Sustaining the availability, quality and consistency of your services.
  • Enhancing existing features or provides new technology initiatives to better address your business needs.
  • Performing due diligence to identify and recommend permanent fixes to critical issues.
  • Lowering the risk of downtime and business discontinuity.
  • Ensuring end-user satisfaction.

In effect, Netvinyas Software' Application Support & Maintenance Services help reduce operational expenditure and increase quality of service delivery to end-customers.

Customer Support

Netvinyas Software provides consistent customer experience across all channels of support through customized solutions, right staffing and continuous training. We leverage our Global Delivery Model and state-of-the-art technology to reduce your overall cost of operations and maintenance. We make sure that we provide our teams with continuous training in order to ensure that customer service gets incorporated into the DNA of our work culture.


Our Interactive Technology, high performance indices and SLA based approach lead to enhanced customer experience and retention levels for our clients. We have access to a clutch of proprietary and off-the-shelf software and technical tools to streamline support processes and turn engineers into product experts, who can render quick and efficient service. Our careful mix of people, technology, and processes enables us to provide efficient, reliable and cost effective services.

At Netvinyas Software, we are at constant endeavour to foresee potential maintenance problems if:

  • The IT system has existed longer than originally planned.
  • Its changes have been poorly captured.
  • Working architecture of the applications is not very clear.
  • Non-responsive to modification and enhancements.
  • Defects show up, even after regular upgrades.
  • Change management process is inefficient or non-existent.
  • Documentation (source code) is minimal or non-existent; thus, maintenance is a serious problem.
  • Hardware or primary programming language is no longer available or supported.
Support levels we offer

We offer flexible engagement models enabling you to choose the degree of support customers need. Our support is organized and offered at three, distinct levels, depending upon the nature and complexity of issues, we are commissioned to address. These Levels are:

Level 1 (L1) Support

The responsibility of L1 Support is to register and classify received incidents and to undertake an immediate effort in order to restore a failed IT Service as quickly as possible. If no ad-hoc solution can be achieved, L1 Support will transfer the incident to expert technical support groups (Level 2 Support). 1st Level Support also processes Service Requests and keeps users informed about their Incidents' status at agreed intervals.

Level 2 (L2) Support

Level 2 Support takes over incidents that cannot be solved immediately with the means of Level 1 Support. Detailed analysis and trouble-shooting of the incident is done at this level using the trace files, log files and data integrity checks. If necessary, L2 support team will request L3 support for further analysis, e.g. from internal software development teams or product vendors.

Level 3 (L3) Support

Level 3 Support is provided by the software development and maintenance team that has the authority and ability to debug, change source code and provide a defect fix if needed.