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Case Studies

Assured 99.37% Accuracy for a Huge Transformation Project

Leading Communication Service Provider with multiple product lines spanning across mobile, broadband, Cable TV with huge customer base intended to remodel the existing products and[…]

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Reduced End-to-End Billing Window by 60%

A key market driver for communication service providers (CSPs) is post-paid billing accuracy. To ensure billing accuracy, Most CSPs have processes and teams to perform[…]

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Reduced OPEX by more than 45%

A leading telecom operator in APAC region was incurring very high operational cost for running day-to-day operations. The client is one of the country’s leading[…]

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60 Functionally Complex Product Launches in a Quarter for a Telco

A Leading Telco with multiple product lines spanning across mobile, broadband, Cable TV needed to improve time-to-launch its new product offerings so as to offer[…]

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Customer Management

Netvinyas Software believes that Customer Experience Management is one of the most important factor that drives a Telco Operator business. Our solutions in this area aim to address customer touch points spanning across multiple systems such as POS, CRM, OM, Customer on-boarding, self care and improves the quality of service to enrich the customer experience.

Customer Acquisition

Service Providers are facing these challenges to identify the prospective Customers and ensure that the process to on-board is complete.

  • Lack of Accuracy of prospective list of customers.
  • Solution's efficiency in completing the acquisition process.
  • Faster roll out of regulatory demands.
  • Faster and Easier way of Data Capture/Storage/Retrieval.
  • Ensure customer experience is good.

Netvinyas Software customer acquisition framework addresses the above concerns. Our pre-integrated solutions spans across the value chain of Pre-Sales (lead/prospect management system), POS (Order Entry and document validation), CRM (customer care and support), OMS (Order Management System) and Provisioning (Service Activation and Deactivation).

Customer on-boarding

Apart from conventional channels such as stores and franchise premise based POS systems, our solution supports acquisition of customers at their door-steps. The agents can enter customer details using mobile or tablets. Supporting documents submitted for address/ID proof can be uploaded as attachments online.

Key Features of the solution:

  • Scalable, cluster aware architecture to support high availability of 24/7.
  • Platform agnostic J2EE and J2ME based architecture.
  • Support OCR, OMR, ICR engines for auto-extraction for faster processing.
  • User friendly web and mobile/tablet interfaces.

Netvinyas Software CRM solutions fulfil majority of business requirements of most service providers. As experts in implementation of BSS (Business Support Systems) for various CSPs, we have collated business requirements common across operators based on region, local regulatory requirements and have designed a pre-configured CRM solution that fits the CSP needs. As part of our pre-integrated solution, we have also integrated POS OMS, Provisioning and Billing systems in our state of the art lab. Our CRM solution offers the following business benefits:

  • Developed Use Cases that are more commonly used across Service Providers.
  • Pre-configured products for mobile, broadband, Cable TV product lines.
  • Telecom business workflows for customer interaction management, order entry, trouble ticket management.
  • Product based smart campaign management.

ExPro (Express Provisioning) is bulk provisioning of customers, which is most common requirement that Service providers keep having from time to time. Typical business scenarios for bulk provisioning are when service providers need to

  • create customers in bulk.
  • create or modify services in bulk.
  • change tariff plans of customers across the board.
  • when there is a huge demand from customers owing to a promotional offer.

Since most order entry and order management products focus on single order entry. Netvinyas Software has developed and implemented a solution that addresses the above mentioned points through a ExPro framework.

  • Excel file based entry of bulk orders such as new customers, change of service, change of tariff plan.
  • Configurable file formats based on implementation capturing custom fields.
  • Adapters for uploading data to CRM, OMS, Billing and Provisioning Systems.
  • End-to-End reconciliation to ensure data integrity.
  • Processing of around 100,000 orders in 2 hours across systems.
Customer Management

Key aspects of customer management are prompt service delivery, flexible and timely invoicing, immediate dispute resolution, order and service provisioning, tracking and more. Customers need highest level of self-service possible - the ability to choose how they want to manage their accounts, pay their bills, request support, choose a plan and shop the way they want.

Netvinyas Software, customer management solution helps in transforming data into valuable business assets. The application enables enhanced customer experience for enterprise/retail customers.

  • Streamline operations and eliminate dependencies on third party tools for comprehending statements.
  • Make informed decisions based on reports of consumption patterns.
  • Make timely payments to avoid penalties.
  • Key account managers can suggest plans and offers that best suit business requirements.
  • Bill Analysis drill-down navigation for interactive analysis. Also analyze historical data over arbitrary periods in time.
  • Cost-Center Billing-Assign costs like usage, recurring and other charges. Separate cost centers based on individual/departmental subscriptions.
  • Split/Joint Billing-Separate personal and business calls or any customized allocations. Join various accounts for a consolidated view.
  • Reporting-Select from standard or customized reports to view in preferred forms. Download and distribute in varied formats.
  • Security-Choose from different access levels for each of your users. Set privileges on reports' access.
  • LDAP Integration-Integrate with a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory to streamline the user login process and to automate administrative tasks such as creating users and assigning them roles and it is also part of a single sign-on implementation.