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Case Studies

Assured 99.37% Accuracy for a Huge Transformation Project

Leading Communication Service Provider with multiple product lines spanning across mobile, broadband, Cable TV with huge customer base intended to remodel the existing products and[…]

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Reduced End-to-End Billing Window by 60%

A key market driver for communication service providers (CSPs) is post-paid billing accuracy. To ensure billing accuracy, Most CSPs have processes and teams to perform[…]

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Reduced OPEX by more than 45%

A leading telecom operator in APAC region was incurring very high operational cost for running day-to-day operations. The client is one of the country’s leading[…]

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60 Functionally Complex Product Launches in a Quarter for a Telco

A Leading Telco with multiple product lines spanning across mobile, broadband, Cable TV needed to improve time-to-launch its new product offerings so as to offer[…]

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Charging and Billing

With the increase in expectations from the consumers in the areas of Service Quality and Technical advancements that enables to generate lot of traffic, Charging and Billing plays and important role in Revenue Realization. Our expertise in products such as BSCS, Kenan, SingleView have enabled us to build robust solutions that not only cater for specific functionalities such as Charging and Billing but also take care of Product Catalog definitions across multiple systems. that have been deployed across numerous operators.


Most of the legacy systems are typically supporting the 2G services (e.g. Voice/SMS), Service Providers have now started focussing on implementing separate solutions that would cater to real time data charging or initiating transformation projects.

Our Charging solutions cater to the following business needs:-

  • Prepaid Postpaid Convergence
  • Service Convergence
  • Integrations with Real Time Data Charging
  • Integrations with Content Charging applications and enabling revenue sharing
  • Integrations to enrich the pre-rated CDRs

With the changing trends on the charging side, accumulating the rated CDRs coming from multiple solutions and applying billing time promotions and further displaying the details on the bill correctly is one of the complex need for a service provider.

As Billing experts, we take care of End to End Billing area.

Billing Assurance is one of the significant area for Operations to ensure the correct bills are sent to the Customers. Generally it is manual, tedious and prone to errors. Our solution in this area provides automation to generate sample bills and validate them before the real bill is generated. The data available during this process is also used to generate dashboards and trends related to bill data that includes revenues, usage, product offerings etc.

Our solutions in Bill presentment aims at enriching the Customer Experience.